About Us


Flyant is an online retailer based in New York where the best designing, amazing finishing and most durable materials that will have others ask you where did you get it from! 

We’re supported by many local communities and thousands of social media followers!

Esteban Tarcan, the president and CEO of Flyant, along with a group of community friends created Flyant in 2020. We were inspired by our local commuters to design luxurious apparel to reliable performance wear. 

We offer our customers something they want, putting their desires at the top of our priority list and products that can benefit you and our world! 

We believe in exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a luxury, so we thoroughly check the quality of our goods, have the most affordable prices, plus we work only with reliable suppliers so that you receive the product regardless of where you are located.  

Our vision is to raise awareness in our local communities of how our world can be if we all had a clean conscious.

Not everyone gets treated equally now-a-days.

Our beautiful planet is being disrespected when people litter everywhere.

Stop the abuse of animals, instead find them a better home and be there savior.

We all deserves the same respect no matter who they we are...an animal, a tree, a kid, or an adult. We should all defend each other equally. 

We want to hear your feedback and want to ensure you are always satisfied with your order. We are always looking for ways to improve for you! So please  email us a review to our review@flyant.com. Your voice will he heard with us.  


In 2021, we will be creating safe and fun events all over the world to unite, athletes, dog lovers, naturalists, musicians, artists, car lovers, peacemakers, individualist etc.


Stay tuned to be inspired by Flyants Vision!